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The Black Berkey Primer™ is used to prime Black Berkey filters.

• A hand priming pump that makes it possible to prime Black Berkey® Purification Elements offline, without the need for sink or hose connections. Priming the Black Berkey® Purification Elements saturates the filters with water prior to their use, allowing for clean water production anywhere
• If you have a small sink or short faucet, the Black Berkey Primer™ makes it easy to prime your Black Berkey® Purification Elements
• The Black Berkey Primer™ also purges(or back-flushes) the Black Berkey® Purification Elements using air instead of water to clean the pores of the compressed carbon filter wall. Purging the Black Berkey® Purification Elements cleans the pores of debris that has accumulated with use and reduces the time and effort needed to dry the filters prior to storing them
• Specifically designed for use with the Black Berkey® Purification Elements - fits all Berkey models and filters
• May be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Do not microwave the Black Berkey® Primer
• Store in a cool dry place and keep out of direct sunlight

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When will you ship my order?

All products are shipped the same day if ordered before 3pm. For UK orders we use DPD who will deliver the following Working Day from dispatch.
We will provide a tracking number on the day of dispatch for you to track your consignment on the DPD website.

How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
In real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute. 

I have another question not answered here...

Please refer to our Full FAQ page - if you still have a question please click on the link below and ask!


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Customer Reviews

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Brian C.
An Invaluable piece of equipment..Struggled

An Invaluable piece of equipment..Struggled trying to Prime the Fllters under the tap but with the Primer took approximately 3 minutes ro clears any residual air locks..Highly recommended as I do the Berkeley Company..Thank you..

Juanita R.
Great customer service

Great customer service

Carol B.
I certainly ordered one, but

I certainly ordered one, but was refunded as out of stock:cry::cry::cry:

Monique H.
Fiddly to use

Fiddly to use

Colin R.
Fast delivery of these quality

Fast delivery of these quality products.