Black Berkey® Filter set

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Please note that this Warranty may only be purchased alongside, and is applicable with all Berkey systems from Berkey Waterfilters Ireland/EU


    Standard Manufacturer Warranty

    All products, including units, filters, parts and accessories are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 6 months from the purchase date. The purification elements and unit housings only are warranted for a 2-year period, prorated in 6 month intervals. 



    Berkey Lifetime Warranty

    When you choose to be covered by our exclusive Berkey Care Warranty you receive a Lifetime warranty on stainless steel canister, spigots, washers, wing nuts and filters. For our customers who choose to, register at the time of their purchase, we provide a lifetime replacement policy as follows: If at anytime the container of your stainless steel Berkey water filter system (including spigots, washers or nuts) fails in anyway due to materials or workmanship, Berkey Filters Ireland will promptly replace that container or covered part free of charge.  This offer only applies to our Lifetime Warranty customers. Customers will register automatically at time of purchase of the system in question. It does not cover damage caused by carelessness, accidents or abuse of the system or after the lifetime of the Black Berkey filters (filters will be inspected if any failure occur).
    This is an exclusive offer only to our valued customers, from Berkey Water Filters Ireland / EU and is in addition to all other stated warranties from Berkey Water Filter Systems.
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    • Black Berkey ® Original Purification Elements are the world leader in gravity-fed water purification. 
    • Berkey® Filters remove 99.7% of chlorine, viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, heavy metals, parasites and hazardous chemical contaminants and other impurities while leaving undisturbed the essential minerals your body needs.   See full list in the FAQ's section on our page.
    • The Black Berkey purification element formulation has been tested by State and EPA accredited laboratories to exceed NSF/ANSI Standard 53
    • Includes: Two 9" Black Berkey Purification Elements with 2 washers, 2 wing nuts, and 1 priming button
    • Installs in the upper chamber of all Berkey system.  Elements can also be used to upgrade most other gravity-fed water filter systems.
    • Sold as a set of 2 elements for Big Berkey - Travel Berkey - Berkey Light - Royal - Crown - Imperial or Go Berkey or to use on it's own.
    • Durability - Lifespan: Each set of Black Berkey ® element is designed to purify approximately 23,000 liters of water before needing replacement or up to 11 years.
    • Re-cleanable and self-sterilizing during the life of the element
    • Elements come with a 2-year, pro-rated full worldwide warranty from Berkey Waterfilters EU / Ireland. 
    • Recommended cleaning and priming should be every 12 months to get the maximum lifespan of these filters.  (takes only 5-10 minutes) - See our priming / cleaning video on FAQ page or YouTube

    Berkey Waterfilters EU is an authorized supplier for the European Union / Ireland with full worldwide warranty and excellent customer service.  

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    When will you ship my order?

    All products are shipped the same day if ordered before 3pm. For UK orders we use DPD who will deliver the following Working Day from dispatch.
    We will provide a tracking number on the day of dispatch for you to track your consignment on the DPD website.

    How fast will my water filter purify tap water?

    The system will purify up to 13.3 litres per hour with 2 x Black Berkey filters inside (or 26.6 Litres per hour with 4 x Black Berkey filters inside).
    In real terms, this equates to approximately 1 glass of water per minute. 

    I have another question not answered here...

    Please refer to our Full FAQ page - if you still have a question please click on the link below and ask!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 345 reviews
    Pamela Hall
    Not As Easy As You Think

    I followed all the instructions but it was almost impossible to get the filters to bleed as they should have done without water squiring out everywhere or nothing happening.. Eventually got them set up but dripping extremely fast… Not sure if this was right or not.. several days have passed and maybe they’ve slowed a little so hopefully going forward they will be ok..

    John M in Ireland
    Berkey Replacemet Filters

    Easy transaction, fast delivery, well packaged. Very good value especially considering the benefit they provide - perfectly clean water! I have purchased these as a spare set - just in preparation for when I might need to change the existing filters that have already been in daily use, for over 5 years.

    Aïcha Boelé
    Tasty water

    Besides that our "drinkable" water is now so much more healthier to drink, it also tastes great now. Just don't be as silly as me and keep topping up the water in the top....make sure that there is enough room in the bottom tank for it as it will overflow through the middle...yes, I know...ofcourse...

    Angeleen Søndergård

    Black Berkey® Filter set

    Joseph O'Connell
    A little pricey

    Glad I purchased the water filters although when purchased from UK there were cheaper.