I live in London and we have a water from Thames Water. I asked them about the Fluoride and they told me it,s a low level of naturally occurring fluoride in our water. Need to buy the fluoride filters or can i just use the original Black Berkey filters?

No. The Berkey PF2 Fluoride filters are not necessary as the level of fluoride in London is really low. However a lot of people choose to use them as they don,t want any fluoride in their water and they also remove the Arsenic from their water. 

This fluoride filters are the most powerful fluoride filters on the market and they remove 99.7% and we highly recommend using them if your water has an added fluoride.  

Fluoride is added to the water in small part of UK.  Then it,s added in most part of Ireland,s drinking water and Spain as well.   As said before we highly recommend using the Fluoride filters to those areas with added fluoride.